Psychology services are important in addressing a wide variety of mental health issues and when appropriate psychologists can liaise directly with your treating general practitioner regarding diagnosis and treatment options.

The psychology services provided at the Sydney Premier Medical & Health Centre are done so by independent, highly skilled and qualified psychologists who are required to be registered with AHPRA (Medical Board) at all times. Often psychology services form part of patient’s broader health care plans.

Please ensure you ask the receptionist what you are required to bring to your appointment (e.g. referral letter, Medicare card, private health fund details, test results, list of medications etc) and discuss any fees payable.

Psychologists specialise in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of a wide range of emotional, behavioural and relational issues. They possess a unique combination of scientifically-validated methods and have experience in working with people with diagnosed mental health and genuine life problems. They are trained in the use of structured and specialised therapies which are typically more effective than general supportive counselling.

Our psychologists who practise from our centre are independent, highly skilled, qualified psychologists that are registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. This is to ensure that the practitioner meet specified standards of competence and ethical practice.

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