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Privacy Policy



Patient File - means the whole of the information including contact information, medical records, attachments and any other information relative to the patient.
Patient Record - means the medical record of the patient collected at your 1st appointment by a healthcare professional including history and all information added to the record by treating healthcare professionals.         
SPMH - means Sydney Premier Medical & Health Centre

You acknowledge your understanding of our Privacy Policy when you submit or complete any form provided to you via SPMH's websites or any persons employed by SPMH.

Our Privacy Policy ensures your patient file is maintained with the greatest care for security, accuracy and privacy and that it complies with all current State and Federal Privacy Legislation.

We will not sell or otherwise provide your personal information to a third party or make any other use of personal information for any purpose which is not specifically allowed under this Policy or is not incidental to the normal use of our services.

Your patient file and any information contained in your patient file, including: contact information, the patient record (medical history) and any relevant attachments cannot be removed from SPMH secured servers to any other location without written authority, provided by you, to SPMH.

After paying your account we do not retain any credit / debit card or other payment method information.

Your patient file is created by our reception staff from information you provide on SPMH owned forms prior to (on line) or when you attend your first appointment. Your patient record (medical record or history contained within the patient file) is required to be created and maintained by your treating healthcare professional(s) incorporating all appropriate information to provide a full understanding of your medical history relevant to a medical or health practitioner (example referring doctors, specialists, other healthcare workers).

These records and specific attachments (Doctor Referrals, imaging and diagnostic reports etc.) are the only items in your patient file available to healthcare professionals at SPMH. Whilst this part of your file is only available to healthcare professionals it is jointly owned by the health professionals who create or contribute to the record and SPMH and must be maintained for a period of seven years from your last visit to SPMH however none of this information or any contact information can be removed from SPMH without your written authority.

Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 entitles you to request access to your patient record. Under the Act SPMH is required to see evidence of identity and a written authority from you to copy any information contained in your patient record before providing it to any person or organisation authorised by you. SPMH is entitled to charge a reasonable administration fee for providing a copy of any requested information.

Soliciting or in any other way obtaining, copying or downloading your contact information for the purposes of removing it from SPMH or removing any other part of your patient file by any person, including management, employees and sub-contractors or any other person provided lawful access to SPMH premises, without your written authority sighted by SPMH management, to do so, is a breach of the Privacy Act 1998, our Privacy Policy with you and all SPMH employment / contractor agreements written or otherwise agreed. All management, employees, healthcare contractors and any other person provide lawful access to SPMH are automatically bound by this Privacy Policy when they work for SPMH.

All SPMH practitioners are also bound by restrictive covenants while working at SPMH and for 12 months following termination of their agreements with SPMH unless they have otherwise agreed a variation of their agreements with the owners of SPMH. These covenants include SPMH healthcare professionals no practising within a radius of 2 klms of SPMH and not to solicit or persuade any patient who has obtained medical or health services at SPMH to follow them to another location or cease obtaining medical or health services at SPMH.

Under the guidelines of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) SPMH is required to notify you immediately if there is any breach or suspected breach of your patient file or any part of your patient file. As of March 2014 notification of any breach is mandatory and at the discretion of the Privacy Commissioner SPMH and or persons responsible for any breach may be liable to heavy fines by the OAIC (Privacy Amendment - Enhancing Privacy Protection Bill 2012). In the unlikely event a breach or suspected breach occurs notification to you may be by SMS, e-mail or post.

All SPMH owned websites and our centre provide forms that may ask you to provide contact information and other information so that we may deal with your health related requirements, queries, online appointments or requests to receive information that is relevant to you. Some non-personal information may be collected, via these forms, to assist SPMH manage patient expectations. This information is kept anonymously and with no cross reference to you.

We may use contact information you provide to SMS or e-mail appointment reminders to help prevent you missing appointments.

If you wish to opt out of receiving SMS, e-mail appointment reminders or any other communications please check the appropriate boxes on the patient information form prior your first appointment. If you have completed the form and not checked the related box you can always opt out by informing reception via our contact us form.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or information provided on this website, please feel free to contact us.

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