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Men's Health

men's health medical services

Sydney Premier Medical & Health Centre has always placed a strong emphasis on preventative medicine.

Men's Health checks involve the prevention and early detection of common medical conditions such as high blood pressure, blood screening, heart and vascular disease, diabetes and cancers.

Special emphasis is also placed on prostate problems, erectile dysfunction and mental health issues including depression.

Our doctors understand that men have specific health issues which can vary with different stages of life. Doctors are sensitive to the difficulty some men have in discussing these issues and are experienced in managing them.

Please ensure adequate time is booked to enable appropriate management of such problems. First visit will be a standard consult with the doctor.  The doctor will examine and consult you accordingly and advise you of further examination and tests required.  

Our doctors conduct preventative health checks and provide education to suit each patient's individual needs. In the event that you have several medical concerns that require a more in-depth appointment, please discuss with the receptionist as you may require a long consultation.

Well Man Checks

Come in for a "tune up" with the doctor of your choice. This is not only a great overall check-up, but it allows us to pick up on any early warning signs for a variety of illnesses. The first consultation normally is a standard consult with the doctor. Well Man Checks will require few separate visits to complete the full check up and tests.

Your "Well Man Check" will include:

  • Blood pressure test 
  • Heart check 
  • Blood sugar level test 
  • Height and weight check, including hip-to-waist ratio, BMI 

  • Testes, prostate and STD check (if appropriate) 
  • Urine check onsite 

  • Expert advice regarding “lifestyle”, including smoking, alcohol and drug use (if appropriate) 
  • Referral for cholesterol check, FBC, PSA and other tests (if appropriate) 
  • Pathology onsite. 

If an ECG test is required, there will be an additional charge (and are eligible for Medicare rebates).  There may be extra costs involved for few tests and the doctor will advise you accordingly.

To find out more about Men's Health services in the Sydney CBD, please contact Sydney Premier Medical Centre.

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If you're having a suspicious mole removed, the doctor should consider removing about 2 millimeters of healthy skin from around the mole. Doing so could avoid the need for a second surgery if the mole turns out to be cancerous, according to a new report.

"Although the vast majority of suspicious-looking skin moles do not turn out to be cancerous melanomas, once a decision has been made to remove a mole, there should be a clearer standard margin," said senior study investigator Dr. David Polsky. He is a dermatologist and professor of dermatologic oncology at NYU Langone Health in New York City.

"Our study shows that a 'one and done' approach with a clearly defined, slightly larger margin is safer and more effective in completely removing suspicious moles with a single procedure than the current non-standardized approach," Polsky said in an NYU Langone news release.

Please book an appointment with one of our experienced doctors in Sydney CBD for a skin/mole check with Sydney Premier Medical & Health Centre on 02 8964 8677.