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Corporate Medical Services

corporate medical services

Our corporate wellness programs address specific health concerns of your employees, provide results in an effective manner and encourage ongoing employee involvement in preventive health and lifestyle choices.

Pre-employment Health Checks

Sydney Premier has extensive experience in pre-employment medical screening. We can customize your corporate pre-employment checks based on the job profile of the candidate. Our pre-employment screening is geared towards providing a seamless service for organizations .

Please find below various services offered in pre-employment packages. Place a check mark on the services that you would require and submit it for a quotation of charges for the services.

Annual/Periodic Health Checks

Employers who introduce health promotion to their workplaces can reduce employee health risks by more than 50 per cent over 5 years and significantly reduce the cost of absenteeism. Obesity is also significantly reduced thereby reducing lost productivity and direct health costs. An average employee has some common health risks such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and depression.

These health risks can be reduced by workplace health checks and education strategies. This can be achieved by offering annual health and wellness checks to all employees to identify health risks and educational materials and referrals to improve employees’ health.

We can customize the health checks for your employees based on the job profile. This will allow the organization to structure health promotion programs that will have the greatest impact, such as seminars on healthy eating or exercise programs.

The periodic health check will include a comprehensive review of your medical history; lifestyle assessment; review of vaccination status; complete physical examination and a extensive range of screening tests.

Following the evaluation, the employee will meet with a physician for a personal consultation who will discuss the results provide recommendations, co-ordinate follow up care and expert opinions if required.

A prior appointment is required for the check.

The health check may include (based on requirements)

  • Complete Physical Examination

  • Complete Blood Count

  • Erythrocyte sedimentation rate

  • Blood Sugar (Glucose)

  • Lipid Profile (Total Cholesterol, HDL & LDL Cholesterol and Triglycerides)

  • Kidney Function Tests (urea, creatinine)

  • Liver Function Tests
  • Thyroid Function Test

  • Uric Acid Level

  • Urine Analysis

  • Stool Analysis

  • HIV antibody screening (Optional)

  • Prostate Cancer Screening (for men aged above 50 Yrs)

  • Colon, Breast cancer screening (Optional)

  • Body Fat Analysis

  • Chest X - Ray

  • Treadmill Exercise ECG

  • Lung Function Test

  • Hearing Evaluation (Audiometry)

  • Screening of vision 

  • Abdominal & Pelvic Ultrasound scan

  • Cardiac Echography

  • Carotid Echo Doppler

Employee Health Screening

The Sydney Premier Employee Health Screening is offered to identity past, current, and potential health issues among a companies employees.

Types of Employee Health Screening
The most common types of employee health screening offered include:

  • Blood pressure screenings

  • Cholesterol screenings

  • Glucose testing (diabetes risk)

  • Body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference
  • Lung function testing

  • Vision screening

  • Hearing test

  • Skin cancer screenings

  • Specific screening related to workplace exposure

Vaccination Services

The benefits of the employee vaccination programs give the added security of fewer employee sick days taken each year and healthier employees.

Qualified doctors and medically trained staff are arranged by Sydney Premier to vaccinate your staff on site. The onsite vaccination services are usually arranged for mass vaccination programs such as flu or hepatitis vaccinations. Travel vaccinations may also be arranged if sufficient numbers of employees require the vaccinations.

Health Education

Your employee health program needs to be focused on their requirements and there should be a specific plan in place and that plan should be geared toward getting people engaged and believing in the process. Health education activities should be an ongoing process. Sydney Premier Corporate Health Education programs are designed according to your needs and aims to improve employee health, decrease healthcare spending, increase employee productivity and improve employee satisfaction and retention.

Sydney Premier Health education provides the following services:

  • Assistance with design of health poster for workplace

  • Electronic newsletters

  • Interactive seminars

The common health education topics covered over a year include

  • Stress management

  • Weight management

  • Smoking cessation

  • Prevention and control of diabetes

For more information about Corporate Services, please contact Sydney Premier Medical & Health.

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Please book an appointment with one of our experienced doctors in Sydney CBD for a skin/mole check with Sydney Premier Medical & Health Centre on 02 8964 8677.